Why Use Granite Pavers

About Granite Pavers

Granite is a type of volcanic rock which makes it a very hard and durable stone. Granite tiles are suitable for high wear areas such as driveways and outdoor paving. It retains its colour and does not fade in U.V light.


At Edwards Slate & Stone we stock four different colours, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Dove Grey.

Type of finish

Great for outdoor paving
All our Granite has been flamed which results in a textured anti slip finish.
The Granite then been further worked to smooth off any rough spots to create a paver that is lovely to walk on while retaining its anti slip characteristics.


We have selected a premium grade of Granite with a minimum of colour infusions, this results in a superior colour blend.


All our Granite tiles are 20mm thick making them suitable for almost any external/outdoor area. Our Bullnose tiles a 30mm thick to create a more substantial looking finish, great for pool coping pavers.