Granite Pool Coping Tiles Drop Face

Granite Pool Coping Tiles – Drop Face

Granite pool coping tiles provide an excellent non-slip clean edge solution for around swimming pools and spas, providing that important finishing touch making it aesthetically pleasing. We provide many different stone profiles for pool surrounds, including bullnose coping pavers which are particularly people friendly, (children can safely sit on the edge of the pool) and drop face pool coping tiles which stand out from the crowd, giving a modern finished edge for pool coping tiles. We also stock square edge pool coping tiles, all carefully selected for suitability for pool coping tiles.

We offer a wide range of slip resistant pool coping tiles including bluestone pool coping tiles, travertine pool coping tiles, granite pool coping tiles and slate pool coping tiles, in profiles to suit any pool design and shape in various sizes.

Drop Face Tiles For Pool Coping

Architects favour use as the final presentation is very clean. It also give the appearance of dimensional stone (blocks of stone) as compared to thin tiles.

Drop face tiles are suitable for pool coping tiles, step treads pavers, garden edge capping tiles.

Granite tiles are suitable for Melbourne’s weather, also is very well priced, especially when compared to man made concrete products, and is generally a far superior product.

Drop Faced Finish

Granite Pavers Around The Pool – Drop Faced Finish

Dark Grey Granite pavers 800x400x20mm has been used around this lap pool with drop faced finish as the pool coping tiles.

This photo demonstrates how the drop faced tiles can be cut to fit around the pool edges.

How to Pack Pool Coping Tiles

How to Pack Pool Coping Tiles – Prevent From Damage to Corners

It is important that your supplier uses correct packing methods, especially for pool coping tiles as the corners will chip easily during transport from China to Australia. Using foam strips between the tiles helps prevent damage to corners of stone tiles.

As shown in the photo are Bluestone drop face tiles, all the contact areas between tiles are carefully protected by foam strips. Even Bluestone is very dense stone & each drop face tile is cut into one piece without joint, appropriate packing, protection and transportation are needed to maintain the top quality of individual Bluestone pavers.