Granite Stone Pavers Dark Grey

Granite Stone Pavers

Granite stone pavers dark grey, easy maintenance stone tiles with the occasional wash using a high pressure hose.

Granite Pavers Dark Grey

Granite Pavers – Home Landscaping

Granite pavers dark grey normally associated with a more formal appearance, commonly seen in commercial paving project, i.e. pedestrian path.

However Eddie from Falcon Pools & Landscapes did this home landscaping project for his Mother. The effect is very natural and inviting.

Why Granite is such a useful Paving Stone

Why Granite is such a useful Paving Stone

  • It is an ideal material for pool coping & surrounds and withstands the effects of salt chlorination.
  • The large format sizes, 500x500mm & 800x400mm are ideally suited for external uses. wide variety of complimentary bullnose and drop face tiles finish the job professionally.
  • Natural, environmental friendly and easy to lay.
  • Long lasting and can be used in driveways and even commercial areas.
  • Cost effective, a well priced, and often cheaper when compared to man made products.
  • U.V resistant, resists fading in the harsh Australian sun

Taupe Granite Pavers

Taupe Granite Pavers

Just released, Taupe Granite pavers, super strong & easy to use.

They are 30mm thick tiles which make them suitable to lay directly onto sand. Being of commercial quality they are great for driveways, patios, pool coping tiles & surround as well as garden paths.

The flamed surface retains its slip resistant quality, even when wet. Granite is highly resistant to UV light hence will retain its colour and not fade.

Granite Landscaping Serene Setting

Granite Landscaping

Dark Grey Granite compliments the neutral coloured wall and evergreen plants, creating a serene setting for outdoor landscaping.