Granite Pool Surrounds Paving

Granite Pool Surrounds Paving

This is a fine example of light grey Granite pool surround paving sizing 500x500x20mm. If you prefer a Granite with more colour then have a look at our Taupe Granite 500x500x20mm.

Granite light grey pool coping is a very durable, non slip and easy to maintain paving stone which is resistant to colour changes from U.V light. On this basis it is suitable for all outdoor areas as well as pool surrounds. All our Granite is flamed to create a non slip surface as well as enhancing the colours inherent in the stone.

Our Granite pool coping tiles, the tile surface had been further worked to ensure the pleasant touch when sit on it.

Granite and Marble

Evolution in building technology over the past 60 years has dramatically changed the way in which granite and marble are used in building construction. In older city buildings, the masonry walls were necessarily thick and strong enough to support the upper floors. Stone for this purpose was generally sourced from within the State. A good example of this style of building is Parliament House on North Terrace, built of Kapunda marble on a plinth of granite quarried from West Island near Victor Harbor. Modern multi-storey buildings use thin external panels of granite, typically 30–50 mm thick, as cladding over steel load-bearing frames. Advances in granite processing technology, particularly developments in diamond sawing and computer control systems over the last decade or so, have reduced the relative cost of granite for use in domestic applications such as tiles and benchtops. As a consequence granite has become an international commodity of some importance, with ~16 Mt/year being mined around the world. Much of South Australia’s production is exported as raw blocks weighing up to 30 t.

South Australia is Australia’s largest producer of granite, from quarries on northern Eyre Peninsula and a zone extending from the eastern Mount Lofty Ranges to the South-East. In 1999, production was 22 800 t, and for the first time granite production from Eyre Peninsula exceeded 10000 t.


Slip Resistant Granite Tiles

Slip Resistant Granite Tiles

All our Granite tiles have been flamed to create a texture surface, not only slip resistant Granite tiles suitable for outdoor landscaping, but also highlights the colour of Granite.

Most importers will sell this type of finish, however at Edwards Slate & Stone we further work the stone to slightly cut back the roughness of the stone so that it is pleasant to touch.

This makes a big difference to those who enjoy sitting by the pool coping pavers & surround tiles in their bathers. And it’s also facilitates easier cleaning.

Non-Slip Granite Pavers

Non-Slip Granite Pavers

Granite is a superb paving stone due to its incredible density. This Granite has also been flamed to enhance its non-slip characteristics.

Great for all outdoor paving and landscaping applications.

N.B. Picture shown is of Black Granite pavers.


Granites are by far the most common of all the plutonic rocks, rocks that form deep underground as giant batholiths, tens or even thousands of kilometres across. Although granites from only deep underground, they are often seen on the surface because their high quartz content makes them so tough they may survive long after softer rock around them has been worn away by weathering.

Durable and Slip Resistant Granite

Slip Resistant Granite

Edwards Slate & Stone sell and recommend Granite tiles with a flamed surface, where a slip resistant & durable surface is required.

Although Granite is a natural stone, it is often cheaper than man-made equivalents.

Light Grey Granite Garden Path

Light Grey Granite – Garden Path

Light Grey Granite flamed makes a serviceable garden path, commonly seen as a sustainable Outdoor landscaping design in Melbourne, Australia.

The flaming process ensures the path retains its slip resistance characteristics.